My House in Progress

Welcome to my little 80’s tract house in (what was then) suburban Texas! Much of it needs to be re-done, which is probably why you’re here. Let me show you around the house in it’s current state. I’d like to post a list of all the tasks I’d like to complete in said area, but I’m afraid it would simply be too much for one page. Click the pictures to view all blog posts associated with the area.


my house exterior

The house was freshly painted when we bought it, and it’s fine. It’s brown. Whatever. The lawn leaves a bit to be desired, but for the moment it’s low maintenance. The trees are lovely though.

Living Room

My living room

Pay no attention to the giant bucket of joint compound! I have poor attention to detail. I tried to clean before taking pictures but such is life. In general though, the living room has a lot of potential. High ceilings and lots of lovely light.

Dining Room

Original Dining Room Floor

Ugh, the dining room is so ugly. Mostly because of that tile and the terrible chandelier. I just don’t understand this tile.


The kitchen is not good. Ugly linoleum tile, impractical cabinets, broken drawers and the sloppiest cabinet paint job ever. The kitchen will get an overhaul.

Laundry Room

Laundry room photo

The laundry room was a major selling point for me. I found so few houses in this price range and square footage with a full laundry room. It will be great storage and work space but it needs a cabinet, shelf, drying rack, etc.

Hall Bath

Hall bathroom

I originally thought the hall bath would be one of my early projects. I don’t think it will take very much to complete it’s first stage makeover. But I’m currently using it as a reno clean up space, so it might be last.

Bedroom 2

This ended up being a dumping ground room when we moved in. Since we weren’t using it I decided it would be our first project. It’s had it’s phase 1 makeover completed.

Bedroom 3

Original Bedroom 2

This one was somewhat recently re-done and it’s been a quarantine blessing. I set up my home office in here when we started tearing out the kitchen tile and now I may never leave.

Master Bedroom

The master is another standout room in this house, I think it will be very nice when it’s all fixed up. It’s another nice sized room with high ceilings, a large window, and a huge window ledge. I have no good pictures at the moment, but here’s one from after the ceiling scraping.

Master Bath

The master bath is alright, though a bit awkward. It’s very long and skinny, and aggressively ugly. It’s covered in water damaged wallpaper, out-of-place linoleum, stained faux-marble shell sinks, and the shower tile is poorly installed. It does have a skylight, which I quite like.