noob /no͞ob/ noun

  1. a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity.

early 21st century: from newbie.

Welcome to The DIY Noob. I’m Jami. I recently purchased my first home with my husband, Player 2, and we are slowly renovating. The goal to do as much DIY as possible, despite having never done any DIY before.

I’ve long been a consumer of internet DIY. You can find me pinning clever DIY hacks, watching videos of experts re-tiling a shower, scouring Houzz discussion boards for the best place to source kitchen cabinets. My whole life I’ve been a renter so improvements were always the purview of the on-site handyman. But no longer! Player 2 and I have purchased our first home and it needs some help. I plan to conquer the ugly or broken through a series of progressively difficult DIY challenges.

So join me for commentary, ideas, walkthroughs, and possibly the random thought or two in my half-baked attempt to contribute to the internet home improvement community!