Laundry Room, Week 4 – One Room Challenge Fall 2020

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Whew! The laundry room is well underway now, finally. This week probably should have come sooner, but life (and houseguests) happen, so I did things a little out of order.

For instance, the ceiling is complete! Here’s a shot of my new cedar planked ceiling, all trimmed out and patched up. Plus a bonus shot of Player 2.

But now it’s on to the rest of the room. This week’s worklist included:

  1. Pulled out the washer and dryer
  2. Scraped, ground, sanded, and cleaned the floor
    • Prepped and cleaned floor and trim in laundry room
  3. Patched and applied sprayable wall texture to blend patches
    • Wall texture fix in laundry room
  4. Cleaned out the dryer vent (I climbed up onto the roof for this!!)
  5. Sanded all the trim and door (which is an extra pain because the painters before DID NOT prep properly, so all the paint just sloughs off)
    • Sanded door in laundry room

So in the end, after all that work, we have this before and after.

Prep work is so disappointing. So much work for so little gratification.

But now everything in the laundry room will be pretty finishes and installation. Check back next week for a far more exciting before and after, I’ll be doing the floors and (hopefully) paint!

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