Laundry Room, Week 3 – One Room Challenge Fall 2020

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This week I planked the laundry room ceiling.

But before I get into that, I want to talk about my favorite ORC post this week, over at Bridget’s Beehive, the title of which is “We accomplished nothing this week!” So honest, I love it. I was so close to accomplishing nothing this week, we’ve had guests in town and no time to do any work, but I pulled myself together and cursed my way through a planked ceiling installation.

The planked ceiling came about when we went to scrape the laundry room ceiling and realized that the ceiling would not be scraped. For some reason the laundry room did not have a popcorn ceiling, it just had wall texture and it was not going to come off. In my impractical brain I decided we had an opportunity to do something really special, but like learning anything new it just ended up being frustrating.

A lot of frustration, for a ceiling.


It’s turning out nice though. It still needs trim, patching, and a nice new light fixture, but we’re getting close to completion. I bought some tongue and groove cedar planks from Home Depot, glued them up with liquid nails and hammered in some one inch wire brads.

Now, I am the DIY Noob, I don’t have a lovely arsenal of power tools at my disposal. I can testify that this is a project that can be done with minimal tools. I do have a small circular saw I used to make the cuts, but this planking is only 1/4″ thick, it could probably be done with a hand saw. I drove the nails by hand with a hammer and possibly the coolest little $7 tools, a set of nail setters.

nail sets

You just hammer in your finishing nails and then countersink them by placing this over the head of the nail and hammering from the bottom. Let me tell you, it’s SO EASY. I think pin nailers are so cool, but for $130, I’ll set my nails by hand thank you very much.

So yeah. Not as much accomplished this week as intended, but I’m happy that I got the ceiling up. Small victories.

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