Laundry Room, Week 2 – One Room Challenge Fall 2020

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Oh boy.

It has been a week already. And the #renovationreality has reared it’s ugly head in my laundry room.

I didn’t plan to get very far this week since we have guests coming this weekend and we need to keep the washing machine functional for as long as possible. First task was to was EVERYTHING in the house. Done, success. No problem, right?

Next, I figured we would strip it down. Player 2 got up and scraped the ceiling… only to realize it wasn’t normal popcorn like the rest of the house, it’s just wall texture. This means scraping paint, not texture. It also means it will not come off of the joint compound. So this is as far as we got with the ceiling so far.

Laundry room week 2 ceiling

I think I’m going to take advantage of the situation and make it an excuse to include a design feature on the ceiling. Hopefully more details next week.

Task 3 for this week was to patch up the walls. We discovered a slab leak months ago and the plumbers opened up the walls to reroute the lines. Because we had a home warranty, the people that were sent to repair the drywall did an absolutely terrible job. We were warned the finish would be rough, but not warned that the job would be done poorly. So I’m fixing that.

There was also a few large holes from where a home security system used to live. I was going to try to California patch these holes, but gave up after struggling with the drywall.

Instead I bought an easy mesh patch from Home Depot. Sometimes the struggle isn’t worth it, right?

Laundry room week 2 wall patch
The joint compound is still wet here, but it’s looking good!

Then I bought a couple color samples because I’m going to paint the floor. Still not sure which way I want to go, which color will say more “designer” than “I thought this was pretty at the store”. It might not be either of these.

Laundry room week 2 color test
I don’t know. Maybe neither of these.

So, yeah. Next week should have far more progress. Oh well, sometimes life gets in the way.

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