Laundry Room, Week 1 – One Room Challenge Fall 2020

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Hello friends! I have recovered from staining the concrete floors in my kitchen and the designing daydreams have started all over again. This time, I’m tackling the laundry room! And, for that extra push, I’m linking up with the One Room Challenge. If you’ve never heard of this and love home improvement/design/DIY, check it out. It’s a big blogging party where a bunch of people decide to redo a space in 6 weeks and everyone posts on a weekly basis about their progress, ideas, and challenges. Since I thrive on timelines, I thought this might be a nice way to motivate myself. Plus, as an avid consumer of that content, I thought I might create something for once. 🙂

For inspiration, I dove into this past spring’s blogger ORC laundry rooms. I prefer the blogger’s projects to the professional designer’s, there’s more “how-to” included and I’m honestly not interested in $10,000 laundry room makeovers, no matter how pretty they are. Don’t tempt me!!

I’m loving this laundry room from Refine Home Design. I like the green, wood and brass, which I think feels very modern, but warm.

I’m also feeling very inspired by this laundry room from Markova Design, mostly because of her cabinets. I desperately want to put up cabinets, but pretty cabinets can get really spendy. Barbara painted her basic cabinets and they look a-maz-ing, which inspires me to grab some IKEA cabinets and slap some paint up there.

I don’t make fancy idea boards, I slap things together in Google slides (it’s a ton easier). I’m keeping my laundry room simple with a green and gold color scheme and a warm modern look.

We have a lot of work to do even before we start decorating. Let’s take a look at the current status of my laundry room and chat about what needs to be done before the fun decorative stuff goes up.

So…. you can do laundry in this laundry room, at least. And it is a full room, so it has that going for it. But that’s about all it has going for it.

The laundry room lighting is terrible, so I’ll try to explain what’s going on. First, we had a slab leak fixed a while ago and the home warranty service did a lousy job drywalling up the plumber’s holes. That will need to be fixed.

The floors used to have the same tile as the kitchen and have been halfway removed already. However, right before we were about to finish up the laundry room the exposed concrete fell victim to a large detergent spill, which creates a film on the surface and ruins the concrete stain’s ability to soak in. So instead of white concrete, we’re coming up with alternate ideas.

Laundry room - left side

From the other direction, can you see the discoloration on the ceiling? That’s my terrible attempt at scraping the ceiling myself. I can’t do it, I have to have the husband come in and finish up, it’s currently half popcorn, half gouged drywall paper.

This laundry room has no storage or even shelving, so right now the detergents sit on a little TV table. We need a better solution for this stuff, and I also need to patch the holes in the wall from an old security system.

Laundry room - right side

Here’s a view from the other side. Nothing really to say about this wall, I just wanted you to see it.

I have a few goals for my laundry room:

  1. Create storage
  2. Perform maintenance
  3. Make it pretty, because pretty laundry rooms mean laundry is less of a chore.

So! Six weeks and a post each week with my progress. Can I get it done?? See you next week.

And don’t forget to check out everyone else’s ideas at the One Room Challenge.

Header photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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