The Great Lawn Rescue: Weed control update

Just here for a quick update on my lawn restoration project. Last time I posted about my yard I was attempting the first step, weed control. The weeds in my yard were out of control. So I picked up some selective weed killer, Amine 2,4-D by Southern Ag, off of Amazon purely based on reviews and jumped right in.

In case you forgot, here are a few befores:

And here is the yard after two applications (spaced out at least two weeks apart):

Can you see those dying yellow dandelions? I love that. They turn yellow, shrivel up, turn black, and then just disappear. It’s magic.

All in all, I highly recommend Amine 2,4D weed killer! We had so many weeds, and this took care of them quite handily while keeping what little grass we had left. It took two passes, but much of that was just due to volume. On the first pass I basically sprayed everything, just making easy passes through the entire yard. A couple weeks later I went out with a second batch and spot sprayed everything that was left. Weeds banished!

Now that the weeds are under control and spring is well underway the next step is soil amendment. I have sprayed some liquid aerator (we have lots of clay in our soil here) but have yet to do anything else. The weeded grass is very sparse and I haven’t seen any attempts from the remaining grass to fill in the bare spots. I have to assume that the soil is bad but before I fertilize I’m curious to know how it’s bad, so I ordered a soil test kit. By the way, Amazon has spoiled me. Is anyone else irrationally annoyed by the Coronavirus Amazon slowdown? Logically I understand that 5 days to receive a package from anywhere in the nation is very good, but I miss my next day arrivals!

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