Bedroom First Phase Reveal!

Announcing the first reveal of the first bedroom! I have removed the ugly and made the old feel new.

So…. Let me preface this post with a quick disclaimer. My home transformation will not be traditionally “pretty”, at least not for quite a while. My home is a diamond in the rough, a blue collar lady in need of a makeover. The current goal is not to create beautifully decorated spaces that I can brag about with gauzy, overexposed photos of understated sophistication, but to bring it back to basics and create the perfect blank canvas.

Then I can move on to decor. 🙂

But first, we are stripping it back to basics. My home needs updated paint, fixtures, and functional decor, like blinds. Unfortunately, that will mean a lot of bland pictures of empty rooms. But hopefully there’s a lot to gain here from my basic renovations. Here is my first before and after reveal.

Bedroom reveal before and after

Here’s what was accomplished in this makeover:

  1. Old blinds, switches and plugs removed and/or replaced
  2. Texture scraped from the ceiling
  3. Texture sanded from the walls
  4. Trim, walls, and ceiling repainted
  5. Ceiling light replaced

This is hard to tell in the one photo I showed you, so let me walk you through. Here are some befores.

And a few afters.

The differences are subtle, yes, but so important. It makes a big difference in real life. And the new paint job seems to have changed all the undertones in the room. Where it used to be very yellow and dingy, now it feels clean and new. Even the carpet seems to have changed. It felt tan before, now it feels brown. This is a welcome change!

But let me detail the bit I’m most happy about, the walls! Before, we had terrible, aggressive texture. Seriously, I had the bloody knuckles to prove it. We sanded it, then painted it. The internet know-it-alls said it couldn’t be done, but it could! It was a process of trial and error, but it worked out great. When I do the next room, I’ll detail the process for you. Here are some before wall texture photos.

Bedroom wall detail before sanding
Bedroom before wall detail before sanding

And now, that’s gone! Take a look.

Bedroom reveal wall detail after sanding
Bedroom reveal wall detail

So, real talk, the texture is not perfect. It creates a slight pock texture instead of a perfect orange peel. However, it’s so much better I don’t care. It feels soft and I love it. Plus, the worst of the pock texture was mitigated by using flat paint and a thick 1/2″ nap roller.

Speaking of paint, let’s talk colors!

I used Behr’s Nano White. I considered the Pinterest favorite Polar Bear, but I’m glad I went with Nano White. In our house it really is the most perfect, undertone-less white. It’s beautiful and I love it.

Behr nano white

This is the one. And yes, I just go with Behr. Look, I have to repaint the whole house and Behr is about half the price of Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. And this paint might not be quite as easy to use, but it’s rated only like 2 points lower on Consumer Reports and that’s a good enough trade off for me!

Finally, the trim. Have y’all ever tried to pick a trim color? Last time I painted a room I just grabbed a can of untinted base and just went with it and it worked just fine. Apparently all the online designers who have posted about trim color agree with this choice. Everything I found said, “Don’t even think about it!!! Get the (whatever their chosen brand of untinted white base is named) and slap it on! White is classic! And don’t you dare think about color trim!!” Well, I blindly followed this advice, grabbed a can of Ultra White and did all the baseboards.

And I hated it.

It looked soooo wrong. In our room it was way too blue and way too clean. Our trim is old and battered and the house is not a complete flip, I decided it would be better to work with the imperfections instead of try to select colors more appropriate for new materials. So instead, I chose this beauty, Behr’s Dove, in a satin finish to help hide nicks and imperfections.

Behr white dove

I’m in love. It’s gorgeous, soft and elegant. It is the perfect level of accent. This picture shows the difference between the previous trim color (as shown on the door) and the new. You can even see the unimpressive Ultra White near the carpet.

Bedroom reveal of updated trim color

And here’s a shot showing the interplay of the room’s colors and a shot of the new switches. Interesting how such small changes can make such huge differences, huh?

Bedroom first phase review wall texture detail

Last, we replaced the light. The house came with the original 80s lights, they were dim, yellowed, and had spots of paint on from previous sloppy painters. Originally I had a dream of buying elegant unique fixtures, but Player 2 got really jazzed about these $20 LED fixtures from Costco, and you just can’t argue with that price. Plus, they do look rather chic, they’re very energy efficient, dimmable, and are nice and bright. So I’m a convert.

Bedroom first phase reveal photo from doorway
Yeah, there’s one more outlet to be installed…

This room is not exactly finished, but the biggest bits are complete. When I get around to blinds and hardware I’ll post about it. For now though, this room is prepped and ready to go! It’s so exciting to have an example of how great this house is going to look. Next up is bedroom #1.

Here are a couple of before and after reveal photos from the front and back. Click the images to view larger.

Bedroom reveal before and after facing the door
Bedroom reveal before and after from the doorway

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