Sanding Wall Texture

Our home has terrible wall texture.

It’s like popcorn ceiling, but on the walls. My mother informs me this particular texture is called “sand texture” and every home in our neighborhood seems to be covered in it. As an added bonus, it was sloppily applied and it’s apparently impossible to match when repairing the walls. Fun, right? Let me show you what we’re working with:

This stuff makes me so sad, and the worst bit is that it’s so rough, it’ll easily cut you up. Reaching behind the TV stand will cut up your knuckles. Scraping the corners of the ceilings made me bleed. I’m not sure how previous residents raised children in this house.

So I’m going to get rid of the texture. After doing some research on options it looks like the general consensus is that there are three real options. My reactions in parentheses.

The options as according to a post on Remodelista, you can:

  1. Skim coat your walls (messy, time consuming, requires practice and skill)
  2. Replace the drywall (!!)
  3. Live with it (No.)

I thought, “can’t I just sand it down?” and the online experts said “NO” (even though I totally saw Mina and Karen do so on an episode of “Good Bones”, whatever). Then I stumbled upon this post at The Dandy Liar, and she sanded down her walls and they look gorgeous. Maybe ridiculous texture is a Texas thing? So I decided, whatever, I’m going to try it.

I’ll hold off on the before and after, but here is what the raw wall looks like after sanding down.

Wall texture sanded

Kinda scary… but you’ll have to wait for the before and after reveal. 🙂

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