Don’t make my trim painting mistake

So hey, being a DIY noob I make lots of mistakes. Here’s one I discovered while painting the trim in bedroom #2.

I knew all about the whole “don’t paint latex over oil based rule”. So I pulled out my acetone nail polish remover and tested the trim. It rubbed off! It’s latex! Yay! So I slapped some paint on it.

And the paint acted so weird. It kept beading up, wouldn’t spread, showed every brush line. When the paint was dry, it looked terrible. Uneven, lots of strokes, beaded paint, and it started flaking almost immediately. I was so confused.

So I started sanding it off and it kept coming off in flakes and long strips. Thinking maybe there was oil paint underneath I kept testing the layers with acetone. And it kept coming off! It was all latex. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?!

Turns out, I committed a total noob mistake. It’s so forehead-slappingly simple. Apparently you can’t just paint over glossy paint, you have to prep it.

Luckily, prepping glossy paint is super simple. All you’ve got to do it scuff it up, either with sandpaper or even a scotch pad. You need to give the new paint a surface it can grab on to.

So, to fix this, I put on gloves and got after the bad paint with a piece of sandpaper. It flaked off in chunks and I just kept sanding until it was smooth again and the edges of the leftover paint blended into the trim.

After sanding down the trim, the replacement paint layer went on smooth as silk. I consider this a level up moment for me. DIY skills +1.

Trim paint

So much better.

On another note, I’m so excited to share the rest of my painting adventure. Bedroom #2 is almost done and it’s going to be so pretty. I’m especially jazzed about the trim color. It’s just beautiful!

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